1. Moving & Delivery

If you are going to moving and looking moving company in Burnaby or moving company in Vancouver and some city that I will list it please call us. 

City covered by us:

moving West Vancouver , north Vancouver  , Richmond  ,Delta , Surry ,Langley , Maple Ridge ,port Coquitlam ,Coquitlam , Port Moody .

If you looking moving from Vancouver to Victoria island or moving from Vancouver to Nanaimo island  we can do it .

We have 3 tone truck and 5 tone truck .Please call for booking.

Movers – the Best Moving Companies in Vancouver, BC


How to move comfortably, quickly and without stress.

In order to have a comfortable moving, it is better to have all the items packed and to use standard boxes. Disadvantages of not packing: If you do not pack, your time will increase by 30% time and you will have to pay more cost. On the other hand, your items may be damaged.


Note 1:

Never put things inside the drawer, firstly, there is a lot of pressure on the movers and they may not be able to control it well and your drawer may be damaged. Second, it may fall out of the closet during moving. Our company shrink-wraps all wooden items with blankets and all fabric items so that the wall and your items are not damaged during moving.Our time have more experience .My time have to do all thing packing with blanket and shrink wraps for protect your things .This is not a option it is necessary ,but you can say I do not like do it ,then the customer is responsible about things and damage the wall .

Note 2:

please do not push the mover for do faster . because we have to do organize .If you push the movers they can not focus on organize and carrier the things .probable damage your furniture or you should to loading more time.

Loading time we have to do first boxes then mattress or some tings are cube same dresser or cabinet  .then we can load furniture and small things .


For after and before cleaning  moving we have professional team.

If you need a time for doing cleaning we have professional .